Ruby at the Aquarium


Little Ruby has a visit with one of the Beluga Whales at the Vancouver Aquarium.  This particular whale came in for a really close look at her a couple of times.  We went on the 5th of December. What a wonderful moment!

Fortunately we didn’t have to fish Holling out of the Otter tank because “they are too smelly”.

SAM_0075 SAM_0097

We had a wee Christmas morning where we got to exchange a few little tidbits we found in a Thrift Store, this belt for example is what Ruby found for me at the Sally Ann and it’s a total hippy belt complete with images of peace symbols, hands making peace signs, hearts and of course, mushrooms.


The day before we were readmitted we took them to the Firefighter Burn Fund’s Christmas Train.  What a laugh riot!  Ruby loved it and Holling kept standing up on his seat yelling “There’s so much to SEEE!!!”

SAM_0129 SAM_0139SAM_0161

And of course, Ruby danced her way under the lighted arch and grooved up a storm to the music.




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