Chemo – the big heavy

So today is the start of the 4 days of the heavy chemo.  It’s the most intense they can give a kid without…well once you hear about these chemicals, I suppose you can work that out. 

The first is Etoposide for Dec 11, 12, 13th with the next one which is Cyclophosphamide for the 11th and 12th and then the grand finale of Cisplatin ( a wonderfully horrible heavy metal).  

So I focus my energy today to protect her healthy cells.  I bathe her in calming light and play her David Myles songs to find some happy spots in her heart.  She’s a bit low in spirit today.  Fortunately a visit with a frenetic, freaky dietitian motivated her to eat a bit today.  She didn’t like the lady’s energy so she said “mom, we’ll do it our way instead” and actually ate something for the first time in days.  Right now we are singing to “Maureen”.  Good song.  

I have to say one sadness I do project a bit into the future is that this little musical kid who sings in tune and harmonies without realizing she does it, dances like crazy and loves to write songs on the piano…well…her chances of going deaf from the drugs is pretty high.  So I keep telling her stories about Beethoven and how he kept writing amazing music well after he went completely deaf.  

I’m going to put a wee pic here from the wedding this summer – thanks Allyn 🙂Image



One thought on “Chemo – the big heavy

  1. prayers from Rocky Mountain House today and the next few days. What a wonderful mother you are Yvonne. Sending positive thoughts from here. SO brave of you to keep us up to date


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