The Anniversary Poem

Ok, so remember how I don’t ever remember my anniversary?

Well this time I did, of course at the insistence of my mother.  For whom, I am eternally grateful.

Brian said I should put this up here.  It’s not the world’s best poem but it’s one I wrote celebrating how Brian is an underwater crab and I’m a firey hot lady horse…or centaur.  or whatever those are.


How I love thee
Indefinable underwater currents you see;
Elude me.
And you have them in your hand
Like Neptune.
How I love thee.

And our meetings by the line
Where the sand meets the sea
Where your waves pull me out
And push me in
Is Beloved.
Is Bemoaned. 

 How I love thee.
And our meetings by the line
Where the sea meets the sun,
The red of my heart reflected in your depths
And from the shore I can see you
Swallow me every night.
But the evidence proves otherwise. 

How I love thee.

And you race around the house, wolf-wind
Howling your raging currents
Threatening to engulf what you cannot possess
Intrigues me.
As the steam rises from my fiery feathers
A dance like no other.
How I love thee.

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