Well wouldn’t you know it!

She does best with Nabilone (synthetic cannabis) and not with Gravol.  So here we are with a kid who gravitates to the hippy lifestyle.  Well that’s nice.  🙂 Makes sense actually.  Ruby is such a tree-hugger and is completely against cutting any trees down for the sake of the animals.  (Not to say that just because you like cannabis you are a hippy or visa versa….I’m just going with a stereotype here…for fun)

She’s smiling and laughing at funny stuff on TV and resting while I torment her slightly with Handel’s Messiah.  I was telling her how Christine Bancroft, famous NY Baroque singer and flamenco dancer would lead us in the Mezzo parts for it in this little church in Montreal and it’s one of my favorite Christmas tradition memories.  I think we should do that in the HJ when we get back.  Any takers?  🙂


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