ithcy itchy

Gah, can’t get the poor love to stop scratching everywhere.  Suddenly she is very very itchy and we can’t work out what is causing it.  She’s had benedryl so I think we will move onto some other non itchy drug.  Man, she’s had so many meds it’s making my head spin.  I can’t imagine at this point we are even evaluating what goes with what or not.  Poor little thing. I spent some time “working the room” energy wise as I found the more agitated she got, I got too.   Just focusing on calm….kind, loving energy. 

Righteo, 10 minutes past and it didn’t go away so now the meds.  If she causes bleeding then she can get a bad skin infection.  So now for the next 30 minutes I will watch her and make sure she isn’t allergic to this medicine.  

Full moon tonight.  



3 thoughts on “ithcy itchy

  1. can you have some essential oils in the room – if so I might be able to get someone to contact you to let you know what might help with ‘the energy and atmosphere ‘ in the room
    You are such a good mother in keeping your spirits up .Never think that you are trying enough

    Of course prayers and positive thoughts are with you all

    hugs and more hugs

    • Thank you Marg, I have some peppermint in here to calm her stomach and I really thing that has helped a great deal. If you have any other suggestions, I’ll be all over it.

      hugs 🙂

  2. The itch could be a drug side affect, Dr. or nursing staff should have Ideas for keeping her skin moist. In the meantime, I’m so glad to hear that she can eat and keep it down.

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