WBC .1

Hiya, just a quickie here.

WBC is at .1 so no visitors for a few days till she picks up. Her hemoglobin is holding it’s own at 84 but she definitely is all out of neutrophils. I’ve successfully avoided the forgetful nurse today.  She’s a nice person and I would completely have a tea with her but I think she should have a different vocation.  We got the sweet Irish one instead.  There are soooooo many good nurses.  They are the life of the hospital, truly delivering the treatment laid out, weathering the fear and the pain of the patients and their families, lightening darkening rooms and staying even keel.  It’s impressive.  I’ve always measured my hospital adventures by the capable and compassionate treatment of the nurses.  So raise a glass (because aren’t all nurses a little wild??) to them today please and thank your nurse.  Unless you don’t really like your nurse, then just find a gentle disengaging way to get a different one.  Still, no matter the skill level or ability, it’s a damn tough job.  Raise a glass anyway.

PS: It’s a gorgeous windy day outside.



Hey if any of you are bored and want a game of scrabble on Lexulous.com, sign up, do the email scrabble and link to me as iblixy.

If 100 of you sign up and play then uh….there may be delays between moves.  Keep in mind, I will bolster your ego by losing almost every time.


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