Red Alert

Yes, I did say that. I don’t mean Hey everyone, Red Alert, man your battle stations.  What I mean is Ruby had another terrible reaction today to yet another antibiotic.  This time they have to keep giving it to her because she has an infection at the site of her 2 week old Spinal Tap.  She turned beet red 20 minutes in and started screaming.  The itching and pain was uncontrollable.  Fortunately Laura was here and worked her Wei Chi and lymph system while I held onto Ruby and Ruby held on to herself trying very hard not to scratch.  It was extremely traumatic.  For Ruby to scream like that, well it was a very strong reaction.  Fortunately the nurses know this kid now and they call her the little stoic one.  So when she DOES react so strongly she is listened to.  Unfortunately we get to try this medicine again in 6 hours at which time we will be prepping with Benedryl and a slower release of the antibiotic to see if a. she reacts even still or b. if she doesn’t, then we can keep on using it.  How many times can I say react?  Incredible isn’t it.

One baddie to fight another.  Anyone else getting the feeling that Western medicine has it completely ass backwards?  We punch everything.  We don’t move fluidically through healing preferring to ‘strike, hit hard, bash, fight, win, conquer and push”. Instead of using the body to help us to heal, to trust our patients and to intuitively be guided by less dramatic solutions. 

Fear guides the hand of Western Medicine.  I wonder how things would look if we asked less scientifically processed questions and began to see that we are more than the sum of our parts. 

Well, despite my high brow musings, here we are, pushing another drug to counteract another drug in the over medicating of illness.  And here I sit being told in no uncertain terms that I must work within the system.  I am so grateful to the energy workers and healers who work on us.  All of us.  All the time.  If it wasn’t for that, I am completely convinced we wouldn’t have made it THIS far.  I am grateful.  I’m grateful for the night nurse who is gentle and kind and let’s Ruby sleep in larger intervals.  I’m grateful but at the same time, the word grateful looks as if it’s spelled wrong. 


4 thoughts on “Red Alert

  1. Yvonne , no words can help you get through this with Ruby. Only know that we who are reading this are sending all our love and power to help. I know that you may feel alone but you are not!! Please know that – we can’t imagine what you are going through but thank goodness it sounds like you have ‘naturopaths’ with you – yes Western medicine isn’t all that is cracked up to be. I know that you are holding on tight – God please give Yvonne to have the strength to help that little one

  2. Ruby you are doing the hardest thing anyone can right now and even lots of grownups get mad when they get poked and prodded a lot. I visited a n old man with cancer sat week and we just sat and held hands for an hour. His son told me that he never saw his Dad cry before he got sick, and now he does. On a best memory note here is the link to the photos from the wedding, you and your mom can look at all the ones with you in them.

  3. Yvonne,
    It has to be tough being at the mercy of what doctors think is best but never forget that sometimes you have to punch an illness right in its ugly mouth to make it surrender. Science isn’t perfect, however it can bring miracles. That said a little of the unconventional can help things along so don’t be afraid to try anything you feel is right to give Ruby the tools she needs to power through this. I am by no means a spiritual person in anyway (REALLY NOT!) but I do believe in the power of positive thinking though. Trust me I am really putting good vibes out there for your whole family because I care. It might kick her little butt, but with her strength I think she has what it takes to win this battle. Send my best to Brian, I’m sure this has been very difficult for him as well.

    I know a hospital is not a really fun place to spend Christmas. My only wish from Santa this year is to give you the best things he can and share a little of his magic with the doctors and nurses so you can get better faster. You are a strong, brave, smart young lady so never forget, being brave and strong helps. What you are doing to get back to being healthy is very grown up and will only make you a better person. There are a lot of people who are thinking of you everyday and want to see you again real soon. We all love you and hope everyday gets a lot better and a lot easier.
    Have a great Christmas Kiddo!
    Love you guys and keep keeping all of us posted. We’re rooting for you!

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