New normal update (wee one)

So looks like we haven’t outwitted the dietician.  We only get 2 days instead of 7 to get Ruby eating post treatment.  We’ve only done the one treatment and there are 5 this round.  This means…..*sigh*  we will have to go with a feeding tube.  It’s so common that it’s rare a kid in here doesn’t get one.  

So with that decision made by the staff and some gravol, Ruby is hiding in sleep.  I wish I had my book here, I’d post it for you.  I did it as an art piece in an effort to get into Simon Fraser 16 years ago to do a masters in Interdisciplinary art.  Not a brag or anything…just a “wish you could see it” because it’s odd how something I wrote that long ago applies here.  So closely.  I’ll put it up when we get back and you all can read it. 

So I’m working with the play therapist today to get Ruby over her fear of the feeding tube.  My worry is….Ruby gets stubbornly mad about things in here (which I find good…means she’s still talking) but it’s worrisome when she submits by disappearing.  It’s time for me to step aside on this one I fear and once I’ve tried all the tricks I know of to get her to eat then I’ll just have to let it be as it is.  Ie: feeding tube.  One mom told me she feeds her kid all the healthy stuff her son won’t eat and we laughed and laughed at all the things you could get in them that you can’t if they can taste it.  So there are some upsides to this.  I can tell her all the stuff I fed her when this is all done and she can be mad at me later.


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