Better morning

Hey, Mama!  Get your coffee, I want to play and you need to wake up. 

HA!  My kid is back.  It’s such a lovely thing to hear, the sassy pants.

We are waiting for levels to come down to start the next 2 protocols and we are up for another night of every two hour wakeups.  I have a system now…I leave the light off in the bathroom and tell her she can keep her eyes closed and I’ll do all the rest.  She was much happier with that.  I even got a few smiles from her when I put her in her bed and gave her nuzzles every tuck in.  It’s kind of sweet being able to say goodnight to my kiddo 6 times in one night.

When Ruby woke up at 7 she said “Mama, smile!  You aren’t smiling.”  Which was funny because I was completely asleep. 





2 thoughts on “Better morning

  1. you have a beautiful , insightful daughter – I know that you are very proud of her –
    I hope and pray that you have many more morning like this
    thanks again for keeping us all up to date

  2. Tell Rube that Adelaide HATES the lights on when she gets up in the dark winter mornings – she says that the light hurts her eyes – so she said she understands 🙂

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