Quiet Saturday and sleepy sunday

Well it’s been a blustery quiet Saturday, with wind warnings and storms blowing in, Brian and Holling stayed put in Richmond and Ruby just snoozed the chemo away.  Today is another heavy chemo day.  She’s had a rise in temp again but I’m starting to think this is just a factor of her body dealing with the chemicals.  Happened with the first dose this round and now this intensive two day dose…here it comes again.

I’ve been playing this game Eufloria deep at night.  It’s got this ambient music and simply and lovely game play.  Very relaxing.  I’m not very good at it but it’s a time passer for sure.  I’d do better reading something that stimulates my brain but I’m digging the carb overload and computer game zone too.  Ahhhhh rice crackers and gaming.  Just like the old days. 

Ruby asked for the uke to come back to the hospital so I can play for her today and low and behold, just in the nick of time came the chords and lyrics to lovely David Myles’ songs.  What a fab guy he is.   I mean who does that?  Some crazy ukulele playing fan (and come on now…a BARI ukulele which we all know is a pretend guitar for people who can’t be bothered to learn to play guitar) who asks for chords …some nutter from the Yukon and there he is.  Like a charmer.  Ruby’s favorite video right now is …well actually it’s a toss up.  The Simple Pleasure’s video, the How’d I ever think I loved you video or the Maru introduction compilation cat-in-a-box video – bundled of course with the comparative Precious Christmas Special.  So David Myles, you are as special to Ruby as all cats.  That’s sayin something.

I think I’ll start with Maureen.  That’s her favorite.  I have to watch playing “How to Believe”.  It makes me cry which of course makes me suck at singing it.

Righteo, time for blood cultures on a kid with hardly any hemoglobin.  Fortunately they compensate for taking a 6 pack of blood (btw it’s 6 little bottles, vampire mini-bar) by replacing it with someone else’s.




One thought on “Quiet Saturday and sleepy sunday

  1. Think I’m about to buy some David Myles CDs for the girls & I – we will dance good vibes down to you while listening to him !! 😉

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