sorry for the wait

Hey all, things are moving and shakin as always in our lives. Right now we are out of hospital and in deep discussions with the team. We aren’t sure of what is to come but we have requested an MRI to track progression or hopefully NON progression of the disease. This will be done the week of the 17th of Feb.

This means we are going to sneak home to the Yukon for a break. I have to say though, despite our intense mad love for you all, Ruby’s immune system is severely compromised and we will need to limit visits to a minimum but we figure we might be ok with a school visit wearing a mask and not staying too too long. Ruby said she’s really keen on that.

Rigtheo, that’s my update, I’ll post more when I have time but when we are out of the hospital I have more demands on my time in the shape of a very bouncy little boy and a rather handsome husband as well as this magical, sassy and hilarious 7.8 year old gem.

lots of love, keep visualizing Ruby as healed and whole. Imagine her mind full of healing golden light, tell her body that it is whole and perfect. If we are all doing this a little each day, it will shift energy and heal. Just tell the cancer it’s time to go back where it came from, that it’s no longer needed here. Send it back with love.


3 thoughts on “sorry for the wait

  1. we are very excited that you all going home at least for awhile. So, so excited for you all. Will be thinking and praying for you that there is no increase shown on Feb 17.
    Positive prayers and blessings going your way and enjoy home and your pets

    Love and hugs..

  2. I’m thrilled to hear you can all go home for a little while! It will be such a relief to be in a comfortable place. We constantly have Ruby’s health at the top of our thoughts, wishing that this learning process is now over and it is time to move on to joyful healthy living!

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