Just the waiting game

Hi everyone,

We are back in Vancouver and still inundating Ken, wonderful patient Ken, with constant noise, stress and toys.  Not necessarily in that order.   We’ve been waiting since the 15th for an MRI appointment.  Turns out it wasn’t booked.  Despite flying back because the assumption was that we would need to be here to get in when they gave us the opportunity.  So.  We wait.  Seems to be a theme huh?  Ya…..you are right.  It’s the theme of my life lately.  But the benefit is patience and steely will.  And sometimes indigestion. 

Ruby is doing great, her hair is growing back in, slowly and thinly.  She’s a damn sight better than she was 3 weeks ago, eating all the time (though today a bit less so that’s a concern, will need to juice tomorrow) and steadily gaining weight.  Then she reminded me that she had never made it much past 40lbs at home anyway so what was I so excited about?  Holling is only 5 lbs lighter.  He turns 4 on the first day of Spring.

The snow has been a huge blessing.  Ruby went and played in it for a day, then got cold and didn’t want to go out again.  Today I dragged her out by her stubborn little will and piggybacked her through Stevenson Park where we saw a HUGE ship pulling out rather swiftly from the Fraser to the Strait and this wee little boat marked “pilot” that was trying very hard to get in front of it.  The beach was chilly but sunny and beautiful.  She smiled as we sat on the bench sharing a glutino lemon wafer cookie and said that Vancouver Island was beautiful behind it’s veil.  I thought (having spent my childhood there) how apt that really was. 

Laura and I had an amazing session.  Touched on lots of great things, worked on Ruby remotely.  At one point I tuned into her (I just visualized her reading a book because at that time of day it was a pretty good guess) and I suddenly couldn’t breathe.  So we worked on that, moving that fear out of her heart.  And out of mine.  By the time I got home she was beaming and super excited to tell me that she didn’t feel her heart race at all that evening.  She had a break from the “thump thumps”.  What wonderful people we have in our lives to guide us through these fast waters.  Or slow ones.  Right now it’s a stagnant swamp.  I don’t mind it though, it’s peaceful, it’s ordinary in an extraordinary way and it’s holding, loving and intangibly sweet. 

I’m getting some piano playing done here too.  There is an in-tune piano here.  You heard me right.  In-tune.  I have to say I love the sound of our honky tonker at home…seriously delicious sonorities waft out of that ole beast but sometimes when I play a D I’d like it to not sound like an F.  Though the surprise always makes me laugh.

Thursday the 27th is our MRI date.  Unsedated.  We shall see how that goes.  Once we have the results of that test we will have more to go on but more decisions and more second guessing to do. 

Thanks for the love, it flows and it flows.

gnite gracey.


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