Well, it’s good and then it’s just what it is.

So we are in hospital and embarking on the third round of chemo.  Remember all those drugs…ya  same same.  Problem this time is she is crashing waaaaaay sooner than she did before and in a strange way.  No fever but complete malaise.  She’s sleeping all day today off and on and doesn’t want to eat.  Sharp contrast from the turkey, cantaloupe, blueberry and half a box of spring salad mix festivus for the restofus that was yesterday.  Her counts are way down already and her blood pressure is really low.  Heart rate is within low normal.  

Plan now is echocardiogram tomorrow as well as some other tests.  They’ve vampired her out of blood this afternoon to check for hormonal imbalances caused by the tumor removal (pituitary, pineal).  You know as I watch them draw vial after vial I wonder to myself that as they go down the slow recovery path, it’s a small wonder we get to 4 blood transfusions and 4 or 5 platelet transfusions by the time we end a round. 

Seems everyone is on board with erring on the side of caution this time.  I suppose the family meeting which was Brian and myself along with about 8 other professionals during that last round of allergic reactions and complications is putting the right perspective on this.  I’m grateful the docs are accommodating my mama radar and are investigating things early.  Well.  Earlyish.  If it was down to me, everyone in here would be monitored waaaaay closer on early effects from such intensive chemo.  But.  In this imperfect world, that would probably bankrupt the system.  Also I wouldn’t determine max dosage by survivability of said dosage.  I would evaluate it differently.  Ah but then I’m not a doctor and really, my education is playing with computers and sound. 

Holling and I took a walk from here up to the Bloedel Conservatory.  I LOVE that place and the walk through the huge dark cedars.  We strolled alongside about 20 geese and they just honked and watched us.  He didn’t want to chase them and kept shushing me when I was talking too loud.  Then he saw some squirrels and well…those are for chasing.   We walked for about 6 hours straight.  The little man can GO!  Unfortunately the talking parrot didn’t talk back to him this time in the conservatory.  We did meet another one but Holling said it was too big and it “could probably eat him” so he was less inclined to have a chat. 

We stopped in for a crepe and an icecream and then the looong walk back.  He made it though.  I can hear him,  not sure why he’s back so soon…oh right it’s 6pm and he wore out the volunteer in a record 20 minutes :).  As soon as he sees one he immediately grabs them for a jaunt up to the playroom on 3. 

Ruby’s room is all decorated up already, fairy tree hanging from the ceiling, my deep blue silk sari with sparkles adorns the blind thingy – what are those called again along the top?  and the deep orangy red one with sparkly gold and red embroidery is on the bed.  She sleeps with the healing blanket Rosemary’s sister wove (sorry, blanking on your name Rosemary’s sister) and surrounded by her snowy owl, her baby owl, Foxy the fox and the supergrrrl Groovy girl. 

Holling is fixing his “Auntie Precious” kitty with bandaids and injections as I type this and Brian hopefully is making his way to the top of the Bloedel hill to have a good look around and sit in the deep cedars. 

Much love, more maybe tomorrow.

(Ya I know, my original sparkly writing is lacking.  That’s what happens when you don’t sleep.)


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