Sunny day

She’s better today.  BP stabilized last night.  Still have another bumpy chemo ride today.  This is the batch that damages her hearing so focusing protection on that part of her body.  Preserve the internal ear canals and delicate hairs there.  So if you can spare some energy to just send that intentional healing and protection, it’s appreciated.  Should begin about 3PM PST.  

Tom came last night and guided healing to Ruby and some major shifts happened.  Ruby had a good night (despite the 2 hour pee schedule) and we are watching us some Bernstain Bears right now.  She LOVES them. 

Ruby’s thinking about Charlie (our dog) alot lately.  We found a dog down in the gift store that reminds her so much of him I couldn’t deny her. It’s a Collie but it looks a bit like our beardog/air-dale hairy/corgie/weston terrier mystery dog Charlie.  He’s such a cuddle bug.  Maybe he’s taller now, let me know -> Dianna 🙂

So we carry on, carry on.  When I face these sorts of things, I find I have a choice.  To go down the rabbit hole into deep disconnected darkness or I can chose to shine a bright light on those fears and terrors and feelings and just tell them they are seen.  Boy this is WAY more effective.  And informative. 

Now if I could only learn to crochet. 


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