Whew so far so good

Ok so they started earlier today to ensure that circadian rhythms didn’t play into this at all.  Plus that and fewer other drugs.  So 86/43 20 minutes in.  Running the treatment over 2 hours instead of one (like the last round, like I asked for before but I don’t think they did) and here we are rolling along a wee bit better.  She’s sleeping now.  Probably worn out by her playdate with Ali.  I’m sewing some fairy clothes in the shadowy light of rain.

So righteo, along we roll.

Only….let’s see here…..21-5….16 days to go before projected rise in wbc and lift out of neutropenic state.  This will put us back in Richmond in about 2 weeks bugging the other Grandpa Ken.

Much love, thanks for listening to my rant from before.  I could remove it but that would be like shaving my armpits.   Really unnecessary.

sidenote: riiight…so just as I post this, it turns out that her bp just dropped to 84/38 and the alarm went off and her pulse is 94.  So….back to concerning, back to every 15 minutes but at least it’s daylight and less freaky.

update 6pm: 71/38


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