Release …sort of

Well, back in the hospital again for platelets and kidney function test today.  The loooonnnnnng day starting at 8am and ending at 5pm.  Fortunately Holling-the-hospital-licker didn’t stay here.  Turns out right next to us…playing in the same room, with the same toys….is a little one with Norwalk.  Gah.  The poor staff here told us late this afternoon and apologized for not keeping Ruby in a room.  She still has a seriously  compromised immune system so she can’t be around these lovely viruses.  Then another little one had an mysterious rash and a cough……right behind us.  The doc came in and had a discussion with the mom about the possibility of chicken pox and live vaccine he received a week or two ago (you aren’t supposed to be in the ward with a live vaccine but that didn’t seem to matter) and then I think of the measles outbreak just down the road.  The interesting thing was when the doctor said, “well he’s been vaccinated but once you have chemo it removes that immunity.”

I masked Ruby up the moment we got in and had another parent ask why and I just said protective isolation and she snorted and said, “well, they wouldn’t let a kid in here who was sick.”.  I’m kind of glad I’m a paranoid freak.

Our nurse today is super lovely.  Turns out her girl (birthday a few days off Ruby’s) is so similar to Ruby.  Prefers a box of recycling to a fancy prepped box for crafting.  Loves science shows, MLP and LPS.  Forget the colouring books, these girls just like a big pad of paper and some good quality crayons and pencil crayons.  I forgot to ask her if her kid had the same obsession with pipecleaners.  I swear-to-celestia (come on, if you know what MLP is – you’ll get the reference) we have to restock once a month with Ruby.  I’ll get her fairies lined up from our 28 day stint and take a pic.  You’ll love it.   I also saw a book someone self published and dropped off here. It was SO sweet!  It was a story about love and losing your hair and how to be a princess no matter what.  I just love that some mom took it upon herself and just made a book!  Gives me ideas I tell ya.  I’ve got enough illustrations by now.  Ivy and Marigold.   Our fairy friends.  Maybe I’ll just write one this week, take a pic of the drawing and see if you dig it.   Righteo, carry on.  Now that we are out of hospital I might not post as often so don’t worry, nothing terrible is going down, just taking a wee break from whinging.


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