a couple more from the last week

For Ruby’s infinity 8 birthday she received…….her central line removed!!!!!!  She was thrilled and scared and so keen to go swimming in a week.  A few more days to go before we can do that.  The last pic is from yesterday on the little False Creek ferry.  Sooooooo cute, they were totally chuffed to be on it.  Even in the pouring rain.




One thought on “a couple more from the last week

  1. Ooh…I LOVE the ferries at false creek. Used to take them to Granville Is. All the time! I wanted to take this op to wish you a great big Happy Mothers’ Day, Yvonne. Of all the possible mom’s in this world, you are the perfect one for Both your precious kids. They are soooo lucky God gave them to you. Have a wonderful weekend! Xxoo

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