Jamie Grace and Ruby Maye

I have to say this album is perking Ruby and us up a TON. 

Jamie Grace has come through alot in her life and has a fabulous album that Ruby listens to every chance she gets 🙂

Jamie Grace is so awesome she posts stories about people that inspire her.  I sent her Ruby’s story and she posted on her site!!!


I just wanted to share that with you.  Ruby still replaces the name “God” and Father with Mother Nature as this is how she sees things (makes me giggle in a really sweet way).    When I showed her this page on Jamie’s Imafighter site she almost cried with pure and unabashed joy.  Thanks Jamie.  We love you.  

By the way, that’s the pro-bowler in the background.  The man referred to as “my wrestling buddy” by his grandson Holling.  He’s my inspiration too.  Thanks Dad.  You’ve made two life time bowlers out of my kids.  Right now we are bowling in the living room and singing “It’s a Beautiful Day” and thinking of Ruby’s last birthday at the bowling alley.  


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