Ruby and horses

Well!  So Ruby’s wishes are getting fulfilled one by one a little bit at a time.  She would like to own her own horse but I’m thinking this will have to wait for a bit.  8 is bit wee to be a horse owner without living on a farm.   Ruby was a complete natural at Gail’s Heart Bar Ranch.  What a LESSON!  They brushed the horse, cleaned it’s hooves, I backed away and let the mama fade away to minimum so she could enjoy it completely absorbed without my approval.  Kids are funny huh?  On one hand they are telling you to back the tabarnouche off and in almost the same instant it’s, “is this ok?”.

Ruby got on the horse and rode around without being led, she rode bareback, (always with the helmet of course, I might be backing off but I’m not completely without my paranoia) and she hugged that ole horse to bits.   I’m going to get Ruby watching some Tellington Touch videos (at Gail’s suggestion) and see if the next time we go this weekend if she feels motivated to explore that “animal healer” drive she has.  Our friend Brenna came with us and assisted with the other horse, Delilah’s friend Honey – which Ruby renamed Honey Toot…for obvious reasons.  It was a bit of a “windy” day.  The girls had a fabulous horsey day.  Eventually, when I sell my first in a series of Ruby’s invented Ivy and Marigold books I’ll be able to afford to take lessons myself.  The last time I think I was on a horse was at a friend of mine’s  when I was young(er).  The horse was this massively tall retired racehorse and when it bolted because it saw a gopher (uh..hello, you are approximately a million times bigger!!!)  I nearly lost the contents of my bladder.   It would be fun to explore losing my fear of that.  In about 10 years.

Meanwhile back on the El Rancho Maniac Eleniaks we are busy homeschooling, Holling is a vegetarian (unless that’s pepperoni on that pizza), Brian is busy with school, I’m sitting here gearing up to either sleep in or fold the laundry and Precious is snoring in front of the woodstove.  It’s pouring rain but that didn’t stop the bike gang from whipping through the puddles a few thousand times around the magic forest at “recess”.    Well it’s time to avoid the housework and maybe play piano with the kids.  That’s WAY more fun.  Ciao bella’s, much love, you are amazing folks you know, just a word of advice – love love love.  Ya, it’s always the same huh?  I’m a pretty boring advice giver.