On a little boat

Well, all the way down and back has been completed for another quarter. All clear folks! It’s a wonderful thing.

Ruby is doing well, I’m trying to post some pics here but mixed tech is bugging. She keeps growing in an upwardly direction, has many regular questions and observations about the world but to me she will never be ordinary. What an amazing kid. This time it took 4 needles and three nurses to finally get the IV in for the MRI. Needless to say (catch that little word play?) she earned herself another stuffy. And yes. It’s a cat.

We have a new doggie who is melting into our family quite well. The kids did a random dog name search and decided on Ceska who in my mind was a dangerous choice considering that’s the name of that dastardly Kardasian villain on Voyager. Turns out she is equally devious when it comes to pancakes left on the table and escaping the yard.

Holling is also growing upwards and outwards and inwards. His vocabulary amazes me and he always has some astounding facts to share. That and mysterious stories that sometimes take us from the truth to a whole other very fascinating world.

We have good friends in Vancouver who need some loving energy sent their way for challenging medical situations. Please send some love to Stan and his support family while they navigate their path to good health. Much love to them.

Righteo, that’s all for now, will update when I’m inspired and not folding laundry. Maybe it’s time for voice recognition – I’d get more up here but….then again, editing out all the asides and bad language…I guess I’ll stick to typing.

-hugs to you all!