One year CLEAR SCAN!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I updated but for all of you who haven’t heard from Ruby already, her latest scan got the all clear. I think she told everyone from Vancouver to here. This included the one year post chemo test for kidneys and that got an a-ok as well. There are some minor liver imbalances in the tests but as you can guess, I’m reading up on it now.

I will take a pic and post soon, it’s been busy here with the back and forth, end of school, helping with an attendance initiative to get kids keen to come to school, running after my backyard explorers and doing…well …laundry.

If anyone knows how we could track down a new trike for Ruby:   let me know. She has loved my trike since she got back as her balance issues prevent her from riding a two wheeler. These are lovely trikes and we found ours at the dump 5 years ago. Problem is, the back assembly is toast. So….I went searching for parts and came to their website only to find that they make these awesome ones for kids with balance issues! How cool is that??? So if anyone could find a used one, reconditioned, or even somewhere in Alberta or BC that sells them, please message me here.

Righteo, I hear the whistle, some yelling and crying, time to go mediate. Ahh…summer, the sound of laundry slapping in the wind, kids yelling and joy of joy…KIDS yelling. Plural. PLURAL! I’m the luckiest mom in the world.

Much love


ruby n mama


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