Ruby’s walk through the deep dark woods

Hey everyone,

This blog is about Ruby’s journey with a pineoblastoma.  There’s some info on line you could look up if you want the technical specs.  She’s had a full resection to the best of the MRI’s knowledge and we were given two options for treatment.  I wanted three.  I wanted the one where I just take her home and heal her with mama love and good food.  Unfortunately that was not an option.  The first one was serious radiation therapy cranio-spinal with a cranio boost and a pineal boost.  This would leave her handicapped and mentally impacted for life.  This would be followed by some serious chemo.  The treatment was to last for 6-8 months.  The second option (the one we went for) is Stereotactic radiotherapy which focuses on the pineal gland area of the brain (as much as they CAN focus) with the hope that we save healthy brain tissue from radiation.  This is preceded by the harshest chemo regime they can cook up for kids under 10.  It’s rather risky.  All of this is risky.  The stats are gleaned from a few hundred cases of which only maybe 5 or so from what I can find have ever had a full resection.  Let’s just say that Dr. Cochrane at the BC Children’s is who has bought us time, choices and a better chance at surviving this part of her cancer.  Just know that all treatment comes with risks of secondary cancers from the treatment, possible reoccurrence of the original cancer (ie: none of this works) and infection and a great deal of…well… threatening risks.  This treatment is what we’ve gone for, less radiation, heavy chemo.  The treatment itself should end with a flourish of blood transfusions sometime in August of 2014.

So…all of that said.  The other realm of healing is spirit.  I strongly strongly feel that the angels in the wings are helping us immensely…some of them live on this earth and visit from time to time in human form and are all working, networking together to assist Ruby in the spirit realm.  I believe that is what will get her through this.

Sometimes you might think I’m talking a whole lotta whooey here but that’s cool.  Just look at the pics if the words are too “tin-foil hat” for you.


7 thoughts on “Ruby’s walk through the deep dark woods

  1. Yvonne,
    My prayers are with you and of course all of your family. I wish somehow we could all find a way to take this all away. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. If there is anything that I can do for you please let us know


  2. Hi Yvonne! I just got the email about Ruby and it must be so painful! I will be praying for all of you ~ that God will grant mercy and grace to equip you for this journey. Please know that I care and hang on to your faith believing that God is in control always! Sending much love to you.

  3. Saw your bearded man briefly today at Lynn’s and played a good hour with Holling with dumptrucks and blocks-it was fun! Holling knows “Ruby will make it”-he told me so 🙂 I send you two my love and hugs, and hope the stomach settles and Ruby can have some nourishing food. Thank you for letting us be part of Ruby’s and your journey 🙂 The deep dark woods are mysterious and full of wonder.

  4. Hi Yvonne hope rubes is doing great I got an
    E-mail address as one of my Christmas presents I just found out about ruby 2 days ago and my dad told me about this website.I hope ruby is getting better tell her I care and that I am always here for ruby

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