Jamie Grace and Ruby Maye

I have to say this album is perking Ruby and us up a TON. 

Jamie Grace has come through alot in her life and has a fabulous album that Ruby listens to every chance she gets ūüôā

Jamie Grace is so awesome she posts stories about people that inspire her. ¬†I sent her Ruby’s story and she posted on her site!!!


I just wanted to share that with you. ¬†Ruby still replaces the name “God” and Father with Mother Nature as this is how she sees things (makes me giggle in a really sweet way). ¬† ¬†When I showed her this page on Jamie’s Imafighter site she almost cried with pure and unabashed joy. ¬†Thanks Jamie. ¬†We love you. ¬†

By the way, that’s the pro-bowler in the background. ¬†The man referred to as “my wrestling buddy” by his grandson Holling. ¬†He’s my inspiration too. ¬†Thanks Dad. ¬†You’ve made two life time bowlers out of my kids. ¬†Right now we are bowling in the living room and singing “It’s a Beautiful Day” and thinking of Ruby’s last birthday at the bowling alley. ¬†


Holey Moley, it’s almost been a MONTH!

Morning all, I’ve stolen some moments while Holling watches his favourite show Handy Manny. ¬†I think today he’s going to try hammering some real nails. ¬†He wants to build stuff. ¬†Sounds like his dad huh? ¬†Let’s just hope he doesn’t repeat his dad’s “nailgunthroughthehand” excitement just as I went into labour with Holling.¬†

Ruby is at school, she took a day off to get over a cold and then took a tumble in the driveway trying to run after her brother (in boots of course) and took a prize-winning head over heels dive. ¬†So, swollen knee, lots of ice and she’s back at school today. ¬†As it’s getting colder out with the snow creeping down the mountains, we’ve really noticed her sensitivity to cold is super¬†intense. ¬†Time for mama to get out her sewing kit and make some felted wool liners for Ruby’s¬†coat and mitts. ¬†I bit the bullet and blew a bunch of cash on some wellmade mukluks, they are the only thing that keep my feet warm up here. ¬†In direct contrast there’s Holling in his paper thin car pyjamas walking around the school yard refusing his coat and staying toasty warm while telling everyone that the legs go alllll the way down to here in his boots….pulling the bottom of the pants down inside his fireman boots…..while bending over……am I painting a clear enough picture? ¬† Not even cold hands. ¬†Gah. ¬†What a monkey. ¬†

He likes his mama-mornings and today it’s play-dough snake letters, obstacle course (gotta find my whistle) and nature walk. ¬†It’s definitely a 2 coffee day. ¬†

Ruby’s finally come around to wanting to answer Cassie at the Make-a-Wish foundation. ¬†It’s taken a while for her to be ok with identifying as someone who was sick. ¬†She refuses to believe she will be sick again and I am right there with her. ¬†Her wishes so far have been Fiji with Ursula for diving lessons and as of yesterday when we went over the letter to show her that wishes can be many things: trips, tools like video cameras, things that you get to keep…etc….so now it’s an Icelandic Pony. ¬†Surprisingly, her dad got behind this right away! ¬†I of course can’t refuse that idea. ¬†So let’s give her some more time to think about things and see what else she can come up with for wishes. ¬†

What I love about this kid is she keeps saying when we hand her the Friday Allowance (cough,cough, Dad, you missed this week)….she says “yaaaay! ¬†I am saving money to give to Laura and Tom!!!”. ¬†What a lovah! I can just smoooooch her up. ¬†I really CAN! ¬†What a joy!