The “let’s get outta here” club

Sitting on the needle wasn’t part of the plan today.
My bed is full of fabric and bendy, pokey pipe cleaners.  Ruby’s obsession.   The pipecleaners that is.  I’m busy sewing clothes for dolls but boy…this isn’t 1800 and my sewing skills are rusty.  Fortunately so far I haven’t completely blown anything.  Though I did have to hide one skirt that didn’t make the cut so to speak.

Note on the door: No visitors….counts at zero has been respected today.  Though I have to say that I could really use a Holling hug…one that ends with me choking for air while he licks me.  It’s been a long long day and man oh man, still going on the 1.5 hour schedule though I did have a short nap from 3-6.  I’m burning through my ebook collection of Xanth novels.  Nothing too challenging for this little brain.

Right…so just so you know, the other joy of being in here is that this hospital is under construction all the time.  Right now though I’m thinking downstairs someone just turned on the faulty fan again that vibrates through the floor and makes me feel like I’m back on that boat in the middle of the night on the Bass Strait….waaaay below in the cheap bunks.  Buuuuzzzz…hummm..buzzzz..bang….buzzz…this went on till 1am yesterday and the day before that and the….

Ruby’s having a snooze right now after a Wild Kratt’s marathon…crazy for Kratt Brothers she is.  We have this collection of the DVD’s and I swear she’s memorizing all the lines.  Just like she does with My Little Pony and Littlest Pet shop.  Well at least with this one she’s learning some animal facts and not just PinkyPie strategies for good times.  Though I have to admit, PinkyPie really has it going on.

We’re working our way through some Judy Moody  – which we find funny as one of our ancestor’s names was Moody  – saving our last Ivy and Bean for the next book.  We burn through them pretty fast.  When we are in here, I do the reading and when we are out of here, Ruby holes up for hours at night reading to herself.  With all her friends and stuffies, there’s hardly any room in her bed for me but I insist so we can snuggle up and read as late as she likes.

Yesterday we made a pact.  We are both part of the “let’s get outta here” club.  It’s the thing we remind ourselves with when injecting the GCSF at night in her thigh…reallllly realllllly slowly while she takes deep breaths and connects to the “love fountain”.  It’s also the thing we say when I have to do the feeding tube and she moans at me to stop it in the middle of the night.  I tell her we are just part of the club man and we will do what it takes to get outta here.

PS: I have to say, the reiki thing is really really working for me.  I don’t know if it’s simply sleep deprivation or what but I try to do the qigong and reiki on Ruby and me at least once a day and wowza…seriously…I’m a little loopy but I’m not insane or tired or grumpy …although I did growl at a waterbottle that fell three times.  In a row.  Off of a table.  A perfectly flat table.  Grrrrrrr.


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