0.2! Thanks all you light workers!

Righteo so now sitting at .2 though we need a platelet transfusion today.

Spirits are good, nose is runny (could be chemo, could be something else).  I found it interesting how the doc said to me “Well, how would THAT happen?  There’s no way she caught that in here.”  And I almost laughed out loud.  Until I realized that she was completely serious.

With the number of warning signs on doors in an unfiltered unhermetically sealed unit that indicate contagious colds/flu/pneumonia etc…with nurses coming and going and explaining to me while they only use the microsan between patients that the only way to truly clean your hands is with soap and water (Cdif and the respiratory ones need soap and water)…..yaaaaa…with volunteers coming and going and air that flows between rooms…ya.  I have NO idea how she could possibly get sick.

No idea.


No clue.



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