.3 and counting

just a quickie here

Counts up a point – we are hoping she rockets up before the ceiling caves in.  For the first time in a month (ya we’ve been in this little room almost a month) there’s the sound of running water above the beds. I remember all the old apartments that I’ve lived in with hot water heating.  It’s that sound, above us.  That familiar rush of water and then that tick tick tick of the heating pipes.  It’s nice…as long as it’s not leaking into the ceiling.  I say that not as a paranoid basedonnothingbutfinehonedmamapanic but as a veteran mom of a chemo patient in this ward.  Three times since being here there’s been water leaks in various rooms.  Into the walls, coming out of the ceiling etc.  We’ve been lucky and hopefully this is just a little warm reminder of well loved apartments in my past.

Righteo, no blood products required today.  Meeting with docs to inform of our next break at 12:30, Ingrid, one of Holling’s favorite ladies is here from the Great White North and it’s Alison’s Birthday today!  Everyone wish her a continuation of her timeless beauty and ageless wisdom.  We wish you all the best jokes and endless warm fuzzy love.


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