Homeward Bound


A few more hoops, a few more tests, a few more appointments and visits and we will be back planting our feet on Yukon snow  soil.  We are soooooo eager to get home!  Ruby’s birthday is tomorrow and boy oh boy if it is isn’t gonna be BOWLING!  The other day Holling wanted to go swimming and Ruby was very upset because she couldn’t go in the water with her line in.  Brian suggested bowling so while the boys went swimming, Ruby kicked my butt bowling.  It was completely and utterly fun.  I will post a video so you can all see her little awesomeness rolling the green ball.  So that’s the plan for tomorrow.  She also designed her own birthday cake which is to be made in the morning …made entirely of fruit…layers of thinly sliced and layered different fruits.  I’ll post a pic after the big day tomorrow.  I know she shares this day with a couple of you out there so a happy day to you as well! 



6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. So happy for her, for all of you- to finally get to go home.
    We wish Ruby the happiest bowling birthday ever! We just knew the next post would be good news and it was!
    Lots of love!

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to see you all…together! Please let Ruby know that we’re going to sing happy birthday to her at school tomorrow! Hope we so loud she can hear us! See you soon…

  3. hi iam so happy to hear that you all are coming home! she looks so happy wish her a happy birthday from all of us

  4. great news – I was time for good news. Have a great today
    What fun !!
    Anxious to see the ‘cake”

    Super, super good wishes today

    Marg and the crew

  5. Happy, happy news! We are so happy to hear you will be coming home soon! Happy belated Birthday, Miss Ruby. We love the fun bowling photos.

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