Ever have a morning you wake

and it’s like everything has shifted a little?  Well this morning Ruby is more happy, more calm and feeling pretty good.  Her hemoglobin is hanging out at 83 which is amazingly good, her white blood cell count though has plummeted to .3  which puts us in the high risk of infection zone.  So I’m thinking ms. itchy itchy grat grat will have to be bene-drilled for the next day or so.  As soon as she has an open sore it becomes a huge infection risk.

Thankfully Laura dropped by and did some work on both Ruby and I – more me as I’m the one with the HUGE issue with hospitals and modern medicine.  Anyone who has known me a long time or has had similar experiences of long term misdiagnoses or dismissals for things that turned out to be rather serious can understand.  Modern medicine ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Except when it is.  And it’s all we have.  So I’m working through that.  Slowly but deliberately as Brian would say.

The intention is what shifts things so….I have the intention.

Ruby is eating which is a wonderful thing.  Other than that, just some random connections with other parents, a visit from the north by a wonderful friend Dave W who drove our little blue car down here.  Crazy huh?  What a terrific thing to do.  Thanks Dave 🙂

As you are all gearing up for the big holiday, I just want to remind you to hold each other a little tighter this year and know that this exact moment is what is most important.  That hug, that confession of love, that warm return and that certainty that we can change the world with a little love at a time.

I want to thank Ali again for her time, her love, her wisdom and her powerful self.  She is indeed a grand friend to Ruby and to all of us.  And thanks Darren for kickin ma butt.  I appreciate all that you guys do for us.


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